Climma variable speed DC chillers

The new Climma DC variable speed chiller is the result of careful design and innovation, based on over 50 years manufacturing experience.

Climma’s DC chillers are driven by a unique water-cooled inverter technology, lowering power consumption up to 50% compared to traditional chillers.

Eco mode for night generator or energy efficiency
Variable speed ensures energy saving
Unique water cooled inverter
No start load
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Variable power from a single air-conditioning system

Our Climma DC chiller is designed and programmed to run at the optimum speed; depending on the heat load requirements, the compressor frequency varies, impacting and changing its power capacity from minimum to maximum.


Unique Water-Cooled Inverter

First in the marine industry, Climma’s water cooled inverters protect the compressor from excessive temperatures and irregular supply voltage. DC units can be installed in the engine room, without any additional ventilation and keeping the inverter consumption under control.


Controlled and modulated power

Heating and cooling capacity are managed by the intelligent Climma Control unit (CIC) which uses specially configured algorithms to ensure maximum efficiency.

ECO mode

Climma DC chillers provide further efficiency through a special ECO mode. ECO mode enables the chiller to be operated by a courtesy/night generator or during the night, when minimum power is required.


No Start Load

Thanks to the innovative inverter technlogy, Climma DC chillers require no additional amps to start the compressor.


Modular systems up to 1 mln Btu

All Climma DC chillers can be set up as a modular installation, allowing redundancy and more efficiency, thanks to a centralized controll system; modular installations can also be supplied with additional supportive accessories such as frame and manifolds, to make the installation easier and a single electrical box for power connections.

Control panels

Remote digital display

A secondary display can be installed remotely on each unit, leaving the main display on the electrical box.

Remote mechanical panel

A mechanical remote control can be installed on each Climma DC chiller, leaving the main display on the electrical box.

Accessories & kit

Modbus interface

All DC serie chillers can be connected to a Modbus network through a simple adapter that can be added to the chiller electronic control.


Sea water sensor

All standard DC chillers already include a fresh water meter for measuring and record fresh water flow; on the DC130 a sea water meter is also included, within the unit, for measuring and record sea water flow.

Furthermore, the Sea water sensor can be easily added to any of the units as the connection is already available in the standard electrical box and there is no need for software update.

Water Kit

All Climma DC chillers can be easily installed thanks to our sea water accessories and fresh water accessories.


For further details check out our documents directory, or get in touch with our sales team.

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