Fancoil FC serie

Climma FC fancoils, with a direct ducting system, have been specifically designed for fitting in small spaces and where air ducts cannot be installed.

Available in a wide range, from 2.000 up to 20.000 Btu, in 2 different models, vertical and horizontal. Thanks to their dimension, they can accommodate any kind of installation.

Quite operation
Small dimension
Light weight
Easy installation
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Control panels

Climma C-Touch

All the Climma FC serie fancoils have been designed to work with the new Climma C-Touch control. The new Climma C-touch thermostat is simple to use,  allowing you to get full control of your comfort, on board.

  • Weekly schedule
  • Customizable interfaces and colors
  • Easy interface
  • Designed for Vimar, compatible with Bticino cover plates
  • LCD display 2,4’ (320×240 px)

(Compatible with fancoil MV8 electrical boxes)

Climma MK2

As an alternative, fancoils are all compatible with the digital Climma MK2 panel, which can also work with a remote control.

(Compatible with fancoil MV8 electrical boxes)

Climma mechanical thermostat

For an easier control, a mechanical 3 speed control can be installed, in order to control the functioning modes, fan speed an ambient temperature.
The thermostat is available in a standard version, for ‘cool only’ fancoils, or for 2 fancoils.

(Compatible with fancoil MSCA electrical boxes)

Accessories & kit

Electronic controls

  • MV8 control – 8 speed electronic control for fancoils, compatible with digital displays C-Touch and MK2
  • MSCA control – 3 speed electronic control for fancoils, compatible with Climma mechanical thermostat

Air kit

All our fancoils can be easily installed with our premade kits with air accessories.
Air kits contain all the accessories necessary for the air-distribution of the fancoil, in details:

  • Pre-insulated flexible air duct
  • Duct-plenum connection nipples
  • Plenum for air supply grill
  • Return and supply air grilles


For further details log-in to check our document section, or get in touch with our sales team.


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