Serie i generators

Variable speed FischerPanda I Series generators guarantee reduced fuel consumption, quiet operation and less exhaust emissions.

Up to 50% less weight and 30% space saving when compared to asynchronous generators of the same class.

Ideal for superyacht owners looking for a night generator with low operating sound levels and vibrations. These generators are characterized by their modern, innovative and environmentally friendly inverter technology; the speed of the diesel engine is adjusted according to the user’s power requirements, while the output voltage remains constant at all times. The variable speed control considerably reduces exhaust emissions and fuel consumption in comparison to a traditional generator with a fixed speed.

The maximum speed of the engine is 2800rpm, while the electric load is supplied by a constant output voltage of 230V/50 Hz or 400V/50Hz through an inverter.

Fischer Panda I Series generators using parallel inverters can also be connected in parallel without any additional cables and without any synchronization needed.

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  • Highly efficiency and maximum energy
  • Load dependant variable speed
  • Meets latest emission standards
  • Modular design ensures installation flexibility
  • Extremely stable voltage and frequency
  • Optional CAN SAE J1939 Interface

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