A.C. refrigeration systems

Weather it is for a cold room, a wine cooler or a blast freezer, Frigoboat always offers the perfect solution to your requirements.

With 50 years’ experience in the marine refrigeration industry, Frigoboat designs and produces tailored solutions for its clients, according to their

Thanks to marine graded materials and state of the art products, Frigoboat is able to perfectly controls the cold on board.

Energy efficiency
Marine applications
Stainless steel
Easy to install
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  • Simple and smart solutions
  • State of the art technology
  • Backup systems for a trouble free navigation
  • Customized solutions
  • Highest efficiency

Want us to help you design your own personalized refrigeration system?

Get in touch with our technical department. Based on your requirements and ideas, we can offer you the best solution, for your refrigeration system

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Frigoboat condesing units

AC condensing units from 0.17HP up o 5HP, water or air-cooled, for every type of installation.

Blown-air evaporators

Wide range of air blowing evaporators for on-board refrigeration systems; from wine coolers and cold rooms to blast freezers.

Frigoboat electrical boxes

Frigoboat offers standard and custom electrical boxes for every need; thanks to a centralized system, all on-board refrigeration systems can be controlled from a single electrical box.

Thermostats and Frigoboat control systems

Even for basic refrigeration systems, Frigoboat offers a perfect solution, in order to have all parameters under control and cooling on-board always guaranteed.

Accessories for refrigerarion systems

Frigoboat offers a wide range of accessories to complete the refrigeration circuit:

  • Thermostatic valves
  • Solenoid valve kits
  • KVP valves

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